Only 6 Compelling Reasons to Write

Today is special. This is Mixonian’s 100th blog post; the little blog is growing up so quickly! Mixonian was tempted to write a commemorative “100 Reasons to Write”, but edited the list down to 6:

1. Writing brings clarity.

Our thoughts can be mushy and vague; the act of writing makes you choose words. Is that blouse merely expensive, or is it a rip-off? Is it overpriced, or a cherished luxury? Is it hopelessly opulent, or simply ridiculous? You’re the writer; you get to choose. By choosing which words we want to use, we gain clarity.

2. Writing fosters creativity.

You could get up and paint every day; or sketch. Words or images, the act of putting them down on paper is inherently creative. Creative acts are the parents of new creative acts.

3. Writing crosses all time boundaries.

Albert Einstein, among others, posited that time does not exist. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know I get up in the morning and in the blink of an eye, it is evening and I’m getting ready for bed. In writing, we can mix and mingle past, present, and future, while participating in a creative act in the present.

In teaching my students to write film treatments, they learn to describe something (the film they would like to make) in simple present tense, as if it already existed. To use a $20 word, this writing is generative: it can be a sort of midwife to bring this imaginary project into the plane of existence. Hmmmmm…..

4. Writing multiplies productivity.

Consider this analogy: First drafts, like journal entries, are like the brown water that comes from the faucet when it hasn’t been used in a long while. Allowing the water to run out of the faucet makes way for the clear water to appear. Writing down the most mundane tasks floating in our minds, the library books that need returning, the need for dog food, and the clothes waiting to be picked up at the cleaner’s, clears our minds for more interesting and productive thoughts and projects. That’s why some people when they wake up in the middle of the night thinking of things, can go back to sleep after they write these things down.

5. Writing makes you more you.

Writing reminds you of your priorities and helps you to focus on what is really important, rather than what others insist is urgently calling your name. In the process of living this adventure called “life”, the most ardent self-development fan doesn’t want to become a different person, but rather an enlightened person. It has been said that each person arrives on the planet with a mission written on his heart, writing helps you remember this special mission.

6. Writing lets you use the cool words you’ve been learning.

For example: When that student was whining about his grades, I resisted the temptation to defenestrate him!

Have a creative day. Write about it!


4 responses to “Only 6 Compelling Reasons to Write

  1. Congratulations on #100. This blog is such a joy and inspiration for me to read everyday. I love starting my day with Mixonian!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 100 Posts – Congratulations! I started a blog in January in an attempt to spark creativity in my life. It had taken a leave of absence. What I have found is my voice! I thoroughly enjoy the process. Your posts have been inspiring and helpful. Thank you.

  4. Hi, Connie! Thanks so much for posting! Actually it was one of my brother who encouraged me to blog and I got started in February. You’re absolutely right (write) on finding your voice — there’s so much message clutter out there that I think writing is the easiest way (imho) to remember what is really important to you. Take care, Laura

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