What A Great Boss Looks Like

Well….this picture was not taken at work, but Maria Luisa is a fantastic boss. It has nothing to do with her being beautiful or chic. She is an effective leader because she sees her job as making her team successful, and at the same time she is aware of the big picture of the entire organization and how she and the teachers who work under her, fit into that larger organization, which happens to be Merici Academy.

Maria Luisa doesn’t tell people what do to. She makes the teachers’ objectives clear, and then she asks how she can help them achieve those objectives. She does not worry about doing tasks that do not fit her image as head of the English department. She can provide grammar exercises or tests, help grade papers, or even do substitute teaching, whatever is needed.

She doesn’t shy about correcting mistakes or deviations from established norms. She simply states what needs to be fixed, without any accompanying drama.

She is open to new ideas, and will usually encourage those who work under her to try different perspectives and tools. She has a wardrobe full of dress-up clothes for teachers and students alike, that are used for different class dramatizations.

The thing about working under Maria Luisa is that you know she is always on your side. Thank you!


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