2 Ways to Shoot Yourself in the Foot

Dear reader, please keep in mind that Mixonian refers to shooting oneself in the foot in a metaphorical sense; Mixonian does not advocate any physical violence, or actually violence in any form.

It may be helpful to realize that the physical damage from a bullet, if it’s not fatal, can be less pernicious than the damage done through certain negative habits with which people often assault themselves.

2 Ways to Bring Yourself (and Those Around You) Down:

1. Worry. The more, the better. One definition of worry is “prayer for what you don’t want to happen.” The worst part is worry not only is unproductive, it actually blocks you from doing something productive or thinking of an imaginative solution.

If you find yourself worrying about something is totally beyond your control, say the chance that a meteorite may hit the planet, then it’s possible you are using worry to entertain your mind. Do something else.

If you are concerned about something somewhat in your control, say your investments, then do what you can to be comfortable with the situation. Study, take action (i.e. buy or sell, or put in an order to do so), or hand it over to a professional. Do what you can, but Mixonian can guarantee that worry never increases yields on any type of investment.

2. Criticize. People who do not worry often criticize those who do indulge. That is not helpful, either. It brings attention to the negative, in a similar way that worry does.

Criticizing is a sport, like worry, that provides no positive results, and even worse, it blocks productivity and creativity. Look for the good in the person, the place, the event, the situation.

Being at peace absolutely does not mean being a doormat. If the coffee someone serves you in a restaurant is lukewarm, you have a choice. Either drink it that way because the temperature of the coffee is not important to you, or simply ask, or insist, without drama, for a replacement.

Worrying and criticizing are simply habits. They can be replaced with good habits, the first being the commitment to be at peace. Imagine yourself as a happy camper, in a good mood, cheerful.

Life is short. Don’t waste precious moments in worry or criticizing.


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