Education-Based Marketing

Did you know that 25% of problems in business are the result of ineffective communication? Unclear messages lead to costly errors in production, distribution, sales, marketing, you name it. Research shows that companies value communication skills over ethics, almost as much as they appreciate the “real” stuff you do for them.

That’s why businesses hire and even you can use communication experts and Mixonian blog to improve overall productivity, raise morale, be bodacious, and show more style….all through more clear communication.

That’s education-based marketing for you.

If you’re like a lot of people, you want to sell yourself or your product, but you harbor the secret fear of being or becoming an obnoxious salesperson. Here is strategy shows a way out, to sell and maintain your self-respect. It’s another gem in Jill Lublin’s latest book, Get Noticed, Get Referrals.

Lublin cites work by Chet Holmes, author of The Ultimate Sales Machine for this sales and marketing strategy. This means you teach people about the context for your service or product, and how it solves problems for your customers. This is her take on education-based marketing:

Education-based marketing works because people are barraged constantly with sales pitches, arm-twisting, and BS. They’ve heard every promise and every claim and want to decide for themselves. they want enough information to make their own decisions, so give them what they want (107).

Holmes suggests beginning any presentation with research on the prospect’s industry. You not only impress the audience with your research, but you make it more obvious how much they need your product or service. He gives this example:

“We’ve conducted research and have developed a success program for restaurants. Are you familiar with it?” When they answer “no,” reply, “We found five reasons why restaurants fail and seven reasons why they succeed. Would you be interested in seeing that information?” (107).

This holistic sales strategy naturally builds an involved relationship. The salesperson becomes a multifaceted teacher, not simply an arm-twisting signature hunter. Take the time to research your prospect and you’ll be able to teach yourself into a productive, win-win relationship.


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