Keeping Many Lines in the Water

To catch a lot of fish, keep a lot of lines in the water. Well, something like that.

Mixonian is not a fishing blog, but a happy success blog. One of the lessons from the fishermen, or fisher people for the gender-sensitive, is successful results are easily achieved and more likely to happen when you take action on several fronts.

Here’s why:

1. Trying more things means getting closer to a solution. The “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” saying comes to mind, but Mixonian finds cat skinning distasteful and unnecessary. In the valuable guide, Quantum Success, author Sandra Anne Taylor provides several interesting examples of taking action in all possible ways, related to adopting children, to starting a new business, to getting a book published, where trying more things meant achieving the goal faster.

2. Trying more things means less stressful attachment to a single outcome. Stress is negative energy, and all energies are contagious. Knowing that if one of your tactics doesn’t work, another probably will, enables you to operate calmly and confidently.

3. Trying more things keeps your creative edge sharp and your mind focused. The unexpected solution is often the best but if you stop looking for new ways, you won’t find any.

Your journal is the most valuable tool for coming up with new things to try and assessing what works, why, and what doesn’t work. It also keeps new ideas flowing into your mind as writing things down opens up space in your mind for new ideas. Pasting in pictures makes your journal even more interesting and effective for you.

Yesterday a Mixonian guest left this link to a fascinating job contest. Check it out!


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