12 Things to Enjoy This Week-end

A happy life happens when you take time to notice and appreciate the good things all around you. Remember the word “appreciate” has two meanings: What you appreciate, appreciates!

12 Free or Mostly-Free Things to Appreciate Now:

1. If you live in the Southeast, enjoy the rain.

2. We’re having cooler, but delightful temperatures.

3. You can get a pretty tasty wine at the grocery store for under $10.

4. Sarah Palin.

5. Stock prices are still down, making bargain hunting easier.

6. The price of gasoline is around 10% less than what it was about a month ago.

7. Football fans have their game to watch. The rest of us can watch them and wonder.

8. The days are still long enough to get in an evening walk before dark.

9. Purple is “the” fashion color, even for non-ECU fans. You probably have something purple in your closet.

10. Opaque black tights are in this fall; they’re cheap, warm, and enhance all legs.

11. Fresh tomatoes are still available.

12. Blogs are free. 😉

What are you appreciating this week-end? Enjoy.


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