15 Things You Find through Listening

You how you tend to find what you’re looking for? Like the Jetta and the Jenn-Aire?

Well, it works for listening too. If you listen with a purpose, you’ll move closer to what you want, and in any case have a more interesting experience. The trick is to stop planning what you’re going to say next, and focus on what the other person is saying.

Here are 15 things you could listen for:

1. Connection to an interesting person.

2. A business opportunity.

3. A new friend.

4. An organization to which you’d like to contribute.

5. A million dollar idea.

6. Hidden greatness in someone.

7. An opportunity to contribute.

8. Something going on in town you’d like to see.

9. A fantastic book recommendation.

10. A new recipe.

11. A party theme.

12. A solution to one of your problems.

13. A big sale going on.

14. Fascinating gossip. Of course, we would not enjoy that.

15. A new perspective that never occurred to you.

And you know what….listening is freeeee.


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