Maximize Your Holiday Productivity

It’s now November, and the holidays are right around the corner. It is a wonderful thing that we get an extra hour of rest before crunch time. Everyone’s looking forward to spending more time with friends and family, making memories and catching up with loved ones….or not. Holiday time also strikes fear in the heart of many brave souls– there are so many more things to do.

The time to get ready is now.

You know you have more shopping, more decorating, more food preparation, more correspondence, more cleaning, more driving, more socializing, more shopping ahead. That usually means less rest, less exercise, more overeating, and more stress.

It doesn’t have to be a fitness freefall.

This is the time to throw the pass/fail dichotomy out the window. Keep the big picture in mind and forget about holiday perfection.

Mixonian gives you permission to do the following between now and the end of the year:

– You are allowed to decline certain party invitations.

– You are allowed to buy gift cards instead of gifts.

– You are allowed to schedule someone else to clean the house this month and next.

– You are allowed to buy take-out for Thanksgiving.

– You are allowed to put off certain clients/projects until January.

– You are allowed to go to bed before 9 pm one evening per week.

– You are allowed to walk instead of jog.

– You are allowed to eat just fruit for supper one night a week.

– You are allowed to schedule extra time to goof off.

Remember when you push yourself too hard and too long, burnout is almost inevitable. This year’s holiday theme is “Sharing Our Imperfect Love While Having Fun.”


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