7 Random Things I Learned This Year

One really good thing about life on this planet is that you get to keep learning, and I think the older you get, the more you appreciate the lessons. Was it George Bernard Shaw who said, “Youth is wasted on the young?” He must have had some teaching experience!

Some random lessons from 2008:

1. You absolutely cannot substitute self-rising flour for regular flour when baking a cake. Don’t even try, unless you consider oven cleaning a fun activity.

2. Five pounds of meat in one lasagne is overkill, even if one is preparing it for homeless people.

3. You teach people, (not “them people”) how you to treat you. These people include students, family members, and customers.

4. Trying to convert other people to see things from your perspective is largely counter-productive. A life that is well-lived is the best example.

5. Creating prosperity in your life is largely a matter of attitude. That’s why money comes so easily to some and why others can’t hang on to it. That does not mean that you want to emulate everyone who is cash rich.

6. Happiness is now; one way to view your mission is thinking of it as finding things to appreciate at all times.

7. Blogging is great fun. I always wanted to have my own publication and now I do. The lesson within this lesson and that you often get what you want in unexpected ways that are sometimes overlooked.

Thanks to Sally for the great light-house picture. I delight in all the meanings attached to that image. What have you learned this year?


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