To Be Or Not To Be…Really Really Effective

What we know about really effective people is that they think.
–Jim Collins, Stanford researcher and author of Good to Great.

Sometimes you feel really effective, and sometimes you don’t. Usually we get so caught up in the maelstrom of our daily lives that we don’t even take time to think about being effective or not. It’s something that comes when we question our effectiveness after an outstanding success, or big disappointment.

I know Mixonian readers want to be effective leaders, at home, in the community, and at work. We are constantly looking for ways to find better ways of getting closer to our goals and intentions.

One suggestion from Jim C0llins is that for every item you write on your “to do” list, you write something else on your “not to do list.” Look for things that either can be omitted or done by someone else.

You may know that many success expert recommend forming mastermind groups to serve as your personal advisers. On Pam Sim’s blog there’s a fascinating post about getting together a personal advisory board, which Jim Collins also advocates.

The idea is to get 7 people whom you admire to agree to serve on your personal advisory board. They don’t even have to meet in person, although that would be incredible, but they are people whom you can call to ask advice or get feedback at critical moments.

You can make a list of prospects, send out a personal letter to each one (there’s a sample letter on the Cubicle Nation blog).

Many of us are so “independent” (read too proud or too shy) to ask for help. But not only can other people lend you a helpful perspective, others know people who can help you.

Draw a picture of a table with seven places for names around it. As people agree to help you, you can write down their names, and contact information. Of course you may be asked to do the same for someone else.

Watch your mail….you may be asked to join the Mixonian Personal Board of Advisers.


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