Relax and Achieve More

When our manly poodle, Prince, wants something he thinks he should have, he scratches your arm, looks at you with pleading eyes, and then he whines. Sometimes it works; a lot of times it doesn’t. The same goes for us; desperately wanting to achieve something sometimes makes us whiney, nervous, and desperate.

According to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it (31).

On Tuesday I achieved a goal that had been eluding me for several years and you will be surprised to know how small but slippery this goal was: to run a mile without stopping.

One of the things that kept me from this feat was my insistence in running too fast. My sister, an accomplished runner, kept telling me to run, not as if away from the angry tiger, but to run s-l-o-w-l -y. I would try, but get impatient, speed up, and have to stop from being winded. And sometimes my knees would hurt. So I put that goal on the back burner.

And it’s not that I’m in terrible shape. I swim or walk briskly every day and have been an exerciser all my life.

This past Tuesday, at the ECU gym, I decided to run some laps. I started walking, and then decided to run. I ran two laps, and then three, and then four. At that point I knew I was going to make it to 7 laps, which equals a mile. And I did so, easily and effortlessly.

I think it was because I relaxed. If you’re reminded of a goal that seems always beyond your reach, think about relaxing and it may come to you in an unexpected moment.


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