Some Really Good News

You’ve probably already realized this, but we are truly experiencing a fundamental shift in the global economy. Let me remind you of some of the things we used to know:

– Banks are safe and conservatively run, as evident by their being subject to extensive government regulation.

– Lowering interest rates stimulates the economy.

– Government spending stimulates the economy (well, not everyone believed this, but a lot did.)

– Electing a popular president stimulates the economy.

– My job is pretty safe.

So, what’s the “really good news”?

It’s called O P P O R T U N I T Y. And….the shape of things to come is not known, it’s up to us to decide that. How do we shape the future?

We decide not to get sucked into the current negative hysteria.

We decide that this is the time to get creative.

We remember the Law of Karma, that what goes around, comes around.

We decide that this is the time to take risks. No risk, no gain.

We decide that relationships trump things.

We remember that change is part of life. That’s why we get to enjoy indoor plumbing these days.

I recently saw this quote from Joan Baez: “We don’t get to choose how we die, or when. We can only choose how we’re going to live.”

Happy Friday!


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