37 Exceptional Values in Today’s Economy

1. Sunshine

2. Friends, especially those who cook well and make you laugh.

3. Kids

4. Young musicians

5. Pets

6. Sleeping in on Sundays

7. Sparkling wine (esp. pomegranate sparkling wine!)

8. Bicycles

9. Cotton sheets

10. Natural peanut butter (Thank you, G. W. Carver!)

11. Humming birds

12. Blogs

13. Freedom to express yourself

14. Paper and pencils

15. Internet

16. Libraries

17. Musical instrument rentals

18. Indoor plumbing

19. Spring brides

20. Magazines

21. Bananas

22. Evergreen trees

23. Paper plates

24. Volunteers, organized or not

25. National History Day

26. E-learning

27. Netflix

28. Siblings, and other fun relatives

29. Deodorant

30. Dental floss

31. (Dark) chocolate

32. E-cards

33. Birds’ chirping

34. Thrift stores

35. Homemade anything

36. Telephones

37. Any form of education

No matter what the gloom and doom you’re hearing on the “news,” we still have it pretty good. Happy Monday!


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