Things To Do When You Are Sick

By Laura Christina, age 11.

I know how much it stinks to be sick, because I am sick right now. Being sick is a sign your body is giving you for many possible reasons. Some are:

1. You are stressing too much.

2. You are not sleeping enough.

3. You are not eating very much, or not eating healthy.

Sometimes when you are ill you are bored out of your mind, like I am right now.

Here are some things that you can do:

1. Read a good book.

2. Watch movies.

3. Draw.

4. Listen to music.

5. Search the web.

6. Pet your kitty-cat.

7. Sleep.

8. If it is nice out, go outside and sit in a lounge chair.

9. Sew or (k)nit.

10. Write a letter to a remote family member.

I hope these things help entertain you. Anyway, thank you for reading this blog post that Christina wrote. If you are sick… Get well soon!!


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