Free and Effective Anti-Depressant Treatment

If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
— Thomas A. Edison.

You’re going to love this.

It’s free and it works! I can personally testify to the power of this cure — it lies in your communicating with high-energy words, not low-energy words.

To begin with, do not ever ever ever say you are “depressed.” If you can’t muster the energy to say that you feel fine, choose a word that’s less negative than “depressed.” You could express that you’re on your way to feeling fine, you’re OK, you’re feeling “quiet.”

Not to put down anti-depressant drugs and therapies, however, you really do have more power to cure yourself, or at least raise your energy level, than you realize.

Psychologists call depression “anger turned inward.” We succumb when certain people or situations disappoint us, or let us down. Don’t let disappointment take over any more space in your life than it already has.

In fact, scientific research shows that we have emotional habits, and that we can get so used to feeling a certain way, that we look for evidence to support that emotion. Feeling down is often simply a habit that can be broken. You are the one with the power to decide that you’re not going to continue living in a way that feels sad. Life is simply too short for that.

If you feel less that quite happy, look for something that you can do to raise that level of feeling, even if it’s only an incremental improvement. Take a walk, call a friend, write in a journal, look at a magazine….whatever you know can lift your mood, even if it’s just a bit.

For a list of high-energy words and a cool way to incorporate them into your life, click here.


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