11 Excellent Reasons to Invest In Yourself

You can invest in yourself in any number of ways. I have invested serious $$ in my doctorate, but I think the ROI (Return on Investment) on my coaching program has been even higher, or certainly faster to show results. I also invest in a nutrition program of Chinese herbs put out by Sunrider. I feel stronger and have my blood sugar on an even keel when I drink my daily Nu-plus, Vita shake, and Calli tea.

You could also invest in weekly therapeutic massages, monthly days of beauty, maid services, take-out food, designer clothing, a personal stylist….whatever suits you.
Whatever your investment plan for yourself, just start somewhere. Here are just a few reasons you will reap rich rewards.
1. You are always a bull market. Always. In expected and unexpected ways you reap positive returns.
2. You teach your children how to invest in themselves.
3. Everyone around you feels your expanded self respect, and treats you accordingly.
4. It’s fun.
5. There is no better way to grow older than by getting smarter and well cared for.
6. Your service to others is multiplied.
7. You connect to new and more positive people.
8. Since no one is coming to rescue you, you might as well do it yourself.
9. Investing in yourself, whether nutritionally or not, strengthens your immune system.
10. It becomes so much easier to stay in that place where you’re at your best.
11. It makes your personal magnetism even more powerful.
What’s your investment plan for yourself? This is where you are your own personal investment advisor; no one knows you better than yourself. The key is simply to get started.

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