Look the Part Get the Part

The first thing people notice about you is the way you look. It takes about 30 seconds to make a difficult-to-change first impression. But more important than that, is giving the right message to yourself about the person you really are.

This is not about fashion advice.

This is about looking like the person you want to be.
The routine advice given for job candidates going on an interview is to dress for the job they want, not the job they have. The same is always true.
The most important thing is that you decide how the person you want to be should look.
Here are some tips:
– Be comfortable. Don’t wear a completely new outfit on a stressy day.
– Look like you are well aware you’re worth spending $ and time on.
– Look like a professional in your industry.
– Avoid distracting your audience.
– Think about wearing a signature item — for fun and creating a memorable personal brand.
More than just a superficial covering, the way we present ourselves reflects what we think about ourselves. Other people are simply following our own cues about this.

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