Is It Really August Already?

What happened to July? It was so nice and cool, I think someone must have accidentally pushed the fast forward button. How could it possibly be August already?

The truth of the matter is that times waits for no man…or anyone else for that matter. That’s why I’m always telling people that money is replaceable, time is not.If you’re a recovering cheapskate, as I am, you want to protect your time as zealously as you used to clip coupons.

Another dimension to this carpe diem post, relates to your presentations, or really all your communication. If money is replaceable, time is not, energy is not, then not only do you value your own time, but that of others.
In other words, be brief. Get to the point.
In one letter Blaise Pascal wrote, he apologized for being lengthy. He said he had written too much because he hadn’t had time to make it shorter, i.e. do some serious editing.
Filling up the time is not your communication goal. Take the time to be clear what that goal is, and determine the best way to get it across to your people.
Gotta run, time marches on.

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