Stay Out of Complaining and Out of Denial

This move to Charleston has been an amazing experience. Letting go of the familiar is a bit scary, but my commitment to living the best life possible has been driving this move.

Our new home has a lot of great features, but I miss the charm of our old cottage. While complaining is a huge misuse and abuse of our personal energy, at the same time, denying things that are not acceptable, or delightful, is not the way to happiness.

So, I’m writing some examples of turn-around statements. This type of statement allows you to express displeasure, without getting wrapped up in negativity. (Plus you get to see a bit of what we’re going through right now.)

Examples of turn-around statements:

Moving is a royal pain in the derriere and Two Men And A Truck was a great moving company to work with.

I am reluctant to live with wall-to-wall carpeting, and built-in closets are quite handy. The new tile in our kitchen and bathrooms is lovely.

I miss my huge attic and I know not having one is a great incentive to pare down (or declutter), again.

I miss my excellent friends in other places, and I look forward to making new awesome friends and connecting them to my current buddies.

I would prefer that Comcast install my internet service before Sunday, and I am sure that not having internet service at home will be an enriching experience.

The thing about turn-around statements is that you get to express your true feelings, and you get a reminder that it’s not that bad.

As I heard someone say today, if you are alive and reading this blog, you’ve already won the life lottery. Not because of my blog, but because you’re living, literate, and connected to the biggest database in the history of the world.

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