If You’re Not Getting It, Try Relaxing

In talking to my coach yesterday, I was expressing frustration because it’s taking me so much time for me to reach one of my goals. (I want it NOW!) After all, I am a super “go-getter” and should have gotten “there” by now.

As she has told me many times this year, she repeated, “Laura, I think now is a good time for you to relax and really think about what it is you want to do.”
I hate it when she says that, but experience has proven she’s right. I remembered something that really illustrates what happens to us when we find ourselves getting nowhere.
I love to swim. Normally, for the last few years, I swim 2 to 4 miles a week.
Sometimes I see adults swimming who seem to be struggling so much. They are novice swimmers, and it used to hurt me to watch them.
It bothered me because I see them struggling so much, expending FAR more effort than is necessary or desirable, and swimming so awkwardly.
It’s because they don’t trust themselves in the water. So they overcompensate.
You can see that with novices in anything. Swimming may have a related fear-factor similar to that of public speaking because of the possibility of drowning.
If you’re having trouble and feeling a lot of frustration in some area of your life, try relaxing and letting go. Try to trust yourself a bit more and see what happens. You may be in for a wonderful surprise.

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