10 Ways To Get Unstuck (Last of 3)

The theme this week is about getting back on track after a setback, or two, or a dozen. Yesterday I wrote about changing neural pathways, today I’m giving you a list of simple, concrete things you can do right now.

If you’re tired of this theme, I totally understand. Come back on Monday. For the rest of you, here’s some help.

1. See if you can pinpoint the trigger to what got you off track. Separate the event from the dramatic story about the event.

The event could be an unexpected loss of income. The story is that every time I get ahead financially, something unexpected comes to set me back.

The event is one thing, the story is a separate entity.

2. Take a nap. So many of my clients run around exhausted so much, the simple act of getting rest grants a whole new and fresh perspective on the situation.

3. Be extra kind to yourself. Ask, “What do I need right now?” It could be a nap, talking to a friend, baking cookies, listening to a good recorded book. What usually works for me is to sit on my bed and do nothing. Then I get inspired to write a blog post. 😉

4. Think of a past success. I know it’s hard to do this when you’re feeling defeated, but you know there are past successes in your life. Make a note of some of these. If you’re not coming up with anything, ask a confidant to help you.

5. Go for a walk. Clean your room. Hire a maid. Do something unrelated.

6. Strengthen your other disciplines. I heard this from Jack Canfield earlier this year. The example he gave was if you’re concerned about money, turn your attention to exercising more and eating better. The multiplier effect helps you gain needed perspective. This practice has been great for me this year.

7. Think about people less fortunate than you. In other words, count your blessings. I know it’s trite but really in the country we are all so blessed that we tend for take things for granted.

8. Brainstorm other interpretations. So many times my daughters think I’m sad when I’m just lost in thought. Just like the students who assume the teacher is mad at them when in fact the teacher has just had an unpleasant encounter with someone in administration. You’re not a mind reader, think of alternative interpretations to your situation.

9. Ask yourself, “What is the lesson in this?” Choose to learn from it, rather than be defeated.

10. Lower your standards. Maybe your goal is too ambitious. Maybe you need to learn something more profound so that when you do reach the goal, your success is so much sweeter. It’s possible that you’re tying too hard. Been there and done that.

Happy week-end to all!


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