13 Good Speaking Habits

1. Use familiar and easy-to-follow words and short sentences. Use language that is straight-forward.

2. Repeat key words and phrases.

3. Leverage transitions. Make sure they connect what you just said with what you’re about to say.

4. Stick to a clear pattern of organization. This helps the audience retain information.

5. Aim for audience interaction.

6. Avoid jargon, unless it’s known to be familiar to the audience.

7. Be concise. Use as few words as possible and use contractions. Especially if you’re experienced in giving talks, make it shorter.

8. Be conversational.

9. Appeal to the 5 senses.

10. Use figures of speech like similes, metaphors and other analogies.

11. Use good grammar!

12. Using active voice and personal pronouns (I, me, my, you, your) help you sound more confident.

13. Avoid hedging your statements. Hedges are phrases that introduce doubt.

Tomorrow I’ll share great insight on finding hidden opportunity.


2 responses to “13 Good Speaking Habits

  1. How do you define leverage,leveraged ?
    Interesting word. Just curious as to your connotation. CMx

    • Hi, there! I suppose you’re referring to yesterday’s post with you question about leverage. I refer to using ALL your resources at hand to get what you need accomplished in a way that takes less time and energy, especially when we’re dealing with the things we usually do, not the things about which we’re truly passionate. Maybe it will make it clear to give an example. I love teaching college students, but I really prefer teaching outside the classroom —that is more my true passion. So this semester I’ve worked on preparing classes that require less time and effort on my behalf, but still deliver top quality university instruction. Thanks for writing!

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