How to See Hidden Opportunity

You’ve probably heard about how some clever people find these incredible opportunities amidst financial chaos to make fortunes. If you’re like me, you look around, and you’re not so sure.

I’ve learned that many times it’s a matter of asking different questions. And still, sometimes I don’t know the right question to ask, either.

But….I know some people see things that I can’t see.

My dentist can see a cavity in my own mouth before I know it’s there.

My cousin Michael can tell from looking at a blueprint if the building can survive a hurricane or not. All I see are blue lines.

An artist, like my sister, can see undertones in a color that I don’t see, until they’re pointed out to me.

A gem expert can see flaws in my diamond ring that I don’t notice.

My friend Ruben can hear things in a concert that I can’t hear. I’ve heard him and other professional musicians talk about “phrasing” and I still do not hear that.

A financial expert can see problems and opportunities from a company’s financial statements that I can’t see (my last-century MBA notwithstanding.)

A plastic surgeon can make changes of 1 millimeter in a person’s face that make that person look more like the ideal.

So, you can think of so many examples yourself. What’s the point?

Just because you don’t see a golden opportunity, or ten or a hundred, does not mean there are not plenty of opportunities out there in front of your nose.

Maybe you’re not asking the right questions. A new perspective can really help shed light on a situation.

Try talking to an expert, or even becoming one.

You have under-utilized resources and opportunities at hand that you can leverage, but you have to detect their existence first.


2 responses to “How to See Hidden Opportunity

  1. I am a new reader and I am enjoying your blog a great deal. Great information–and a lot of reminders that I need to hear! I particularly enjoy your posts on self-care. Great stuff!

    • Hi, Lindsey!

      Welcome. Self-care has been a great lesson for me. For so many years I left myself out of the caring equation, looking out for my kids, students, husband, and caring for myself only the minimum to get along. So… I’m making up for lost time and seeing amazing results that used to elude me. Take care! Laura

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