A More Fruitful Way to Look At Things

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

–Wayne Dyer

I read that quote from Dr. Dyer at least a year ago and I’m just now getting its meaning….some people are slow learners!

I’m understanding this message better these days because I’m seeing the results of my focus on looking for more things and situations to appreciate in my life. You know the saying, The more you appreciate, the more you have to appreciate. Appreciating things usually involves looking at things in your life differently.

Example: Instead of seeing myself at the low end of the academic food chain, I see myself as among the top earners per/hour in academia. Why? Not researching, not doing many committees. I like it this way. This change affects the way I feel at work, and affects the way I am perceived.

Example: Instead of letting my daughters’ bickering get on my nerves, I see it as an indication they are happy and healthy. While there are still limits on my bickering tolerance, I’m usually happy to allow freedom of expression and to allow them to work things out. And when I do interfere, then they both turn on me for “taking things too seriously.” Seeing their interaction as a sign of normality, not the desire to annoy me, enables me to feel much  more relaxed, to the benefit of the whole family.

Example: This happens with a lot of my clients who work with me to overcome speaking anxiety. They usually see their audience members as Gestapo-officers-in-disguise, examining every breath they take and desconstructing each sentence. When I remind them that most people have so much on their minds anyway, they aren’t paying THAT close attention to any speaker. This shift in the way my clients see their audience has an instant impact on the confidence level. With one change in perspective, a person becomes a relaxed, far more effective communicator. I love to watch that process.

If you’d like to see a change in your life, look at the situation with a fresh perspective. Happy Friday!


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