11 Rewards from Clarity and Confidence

You’re right. Not many people are interested in gaining clarity and confidence. What they’re into is what happens when you experience greater clarity and confidence. Like with money, you’re really not into papering your walls with Ben Franklins, but  you want the options that more wealth affords you.

That’s the inspiration behind my mini e-course November 30 – December 18. You may be questioning the sanity of someone who offers something else to do during this most busy time of the year.

The timing decision was strategic.

I remember not that long ago that when Thanksgiving would roll around, again, I was feeling dread for everything I would have to do in the upcoming weeks: a birthday party, birthday and Christmas gifts, stockings, Christmas cards, extra cooking,  shopping, decorating, socializing. I love all these activities, but the feeling of overwhelm would literally suck the joy out of my Christmas spirit.

By the time the new year began, I would just want to rest.

My children are older now and not so labor intensive, plus I’ve learned to simplify a lot of my life now. So, the mini e-course is designed to give you a way to gain perspective and a tiny sliver of time to focus on yourself during December. If that’s literally impossible, you can do it in January (but at a higher price). The point is to get some a fresh perspective on what you’re doing and what you really want to experience while you’re in the middle of everything.

In a nutshell, these are the rewards I’ve experience in my own life from the concepts I teach in Choose Clarity and Confidence for 2010. It’s an introduction to the material I’ve been working with for years, both in personal development and communication.

1. You can feel better. A more confident person is usually  more relaxed.

2. Be definitely more productive. Get more done in less time.

3. If you have children, they and others around you appreciate the changes they see. In my case, even my teenage son-of-few-words is impressed with his happier, more confident mom.

4. People treat clear and confident people better. You wouldn’t expect other people to notice if you’re more confident, but they do. It’s remarkable that even cashiers treat you differently when you’re clear and confident.

5. Enjoy a lot more time to goof off.

6. Experience joy in seeing other people benefit from the changes in you. Let’s face it, a person who is more clear and confident can give more, and experience happiness, not resentment, in doing so.

7. It’s E-A-S-Y! Read an insight, and then reflect on in while you’re in traffic waiting for the light to change. The exercises give you the chance to clarify your thoughts and get fresh insight.

8. The multiplier effect: clarity and confidence improve every area of your life.

9. It’s fun.

10. I used to struggle so much making decisions. No more. You can become a much better decision maker, and stop asking for other people’s advice. They’ll be asking for yours instead.

11. When unexpected trouble shows up, you know what to do.

What would your life be like if you saw everything more clearly and felt more confident?


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