When the Ball’s Not in Your Court

You’ve probably got some projects going on in which you’ve done all you can do.

So, what do you do when you’ve done all you can do?

If you’ve done all you can do, then focus on something else. You let go, or release your attention that’s on Project A, and focus on some other project. If you don’t have a project B, you can make one up, or think of something you can do for fun. Having fun really is productive.

What you don’t want to do, is wrack your poor brain trying to think of something that you should have done. That kind of thinking is totally nonproductive.

If your work isn’t organized around projects like mine is, this may not make sense to you. I had one project left on a client’s plate for almost a month. The first week I spent worrying, then after a while I decided to let it go. Today I got the project back; it’s looking good.

In another recent case, I decided to stop thinking about my project which was in the same condition (nothing else to do for it for now) and think about a client’s project. I came up with some really good ideas for his business. Then I decided to save one of my suggestions for myself. In focusing on a client’s project, I came up with a cool new project for me.

Sometimes our life feels like feast or famine. During the feasts we don’t have time to think about much. During the famine, we tend to worry and get all anxious about it. I’ve learned, and am learning, to have fun with free time. See it as a gift. Then when things get busy again, you’ll be so glad you’re rested and your batteries are recharged.

If you’re in a feast of overwhelm, it’s an opportunity to look for activities to let go. Feast or famine….makes life interesting. Happy Friday!


2 responses to “When the Ball’s Not in Your Court

  1. Laura, this is a great post! Yes, I’m guilty of over thinking things that are out of my control.
    I guess our minds need to stay active and that’s when another project for “me” is such a good idea!

    • Hi, Eden. It’s tempting to overthink things that are out of our control, I would even say it’s a habit worth breaking. The trick is to catch yourself and force yourself to think about something else!

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