A Glimpse Into the Future

Yesterday I heard 20 persuasive speeches. Each time I hear a batch of talks by college students, I get a picture of the kinds of things that are important to them. It’s really useful to know what captivates the minds of the upcoming generation.

There are always the topics they think are avant garde, but really arent’, like the legalization of marijuana, so I’m leaving those out.

Here’s a sampling of their topics:

Why College is Overrated. Two students took widely differing approaches to this topic and it’s the first time I hear it addressed.

Why Getting a Divorce Should Be More Difficult.

Be Vegan.

Laughter Is Good For You.

Child Soldiers in Africa.

How to Get Rich Slowly.

Today’s Young People Will Have Shorter Lifespans Than Their Parents’.

Why You Should NOT Be on Facebook.

Thanksgiving Is the Best Holiday.

If you had to give a persuasive speech, what would your topic be?


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