Enjoy Your Serendipity

Carl Jung called those weird experiences we sometimes call coincidences as serendipity.

You may or may not be able to read a deeper meaning into these situations, but they do point to the interconnectedness of all humanity.

Three recent examples:

There was a problem with one of my students in class Monday but soon after the class I figured out the solution. It was something I really wanted to tell him in person, asap. A couple of hours later, that student, whom I had never seen outside of class before, is seated on a bench in front of me. So presto we get to have our short conversation and the matter is resolved.

A reader stopped by to visit Mixonian yesterday — turns out she’s moving to Caracas in December. I’m trying not to be green with jealousy.

My sister emails me from Waikiki, where she’s getting ready for a big client presentation today. She walks by this sign indicating the names of the people who celebrated their wedding there yesterday. Turns out the bride is the one who bought my sister’s wedding dress after my sister got married in June.

Weird, right? But in a good way. Look for serendipity and you’ll find it.


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