13 Things About Authentic Success

Would have been cool if I had posted this list last Friday the 13th. Here’s to living imperfectly!

1. It’s not about what you’re supposed to be so other people feel more comfortable around you.

2. You are the only one who can define authentic success for yourself.

3. It definitely involves allowing space in your life for silent reflection. I also call this doing nothing, but silent reflection sounds more intellectual and I’m still in academic recovery.

4. Taking extremely good care of yourself is essential.

5. If you want financial prosperity, you gotta invest in yourself first.

6. It takes confidence.

7. A lot of people will think you’re nuts if you follow this path of yours. That’s because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Speaking from experience, this is not that hard to get used to — gives you something to laugh about.

8. If you go for this, you may end up breaking up with your television, except for certain critical sports events. Most television programming does not support authentic success; it promotes buy this now happiness.

9. You’ll definitely have to repair some things and get rid of others. You may end up throwing away a whole bunch of stuff.

10. It’s so much easier when you’ve got a source of objective and compassionate encouragement behind you.

11. Don’t tell your friends about it; keep them guessing. Let them ask each other, “Say, what the heck is into Madeleine?”

12. Laughing at yourself is a critical component in most people’s authentic success. It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a habit.

13. Most of authentic success is made up of your habits, guided by a clear intention.

You could say that the opposite of authentic success is frustration. I used to live a very frustrated life and now I don’t. Make up your mind now that you will have a bodacious 2010.

P. S. As of this writing, there are only 4 spaces left in the Choose Clarity and Confidence for 2010 mini e-course. Registration closes Wednesday.


2 responses to “13 Things About Authentic Success

  1. Hey Laura: I mentioned your blog in my blog today, and find that your posting today is particularly relevant for those of us who fight weight demons … setting yourself up for success is a critical factor for success in weight loss.

    • Hey, Sally! I think the thing is that everyone has some sort of major challenge: health, relationship, money are all big areas. The thing that makes the difference is that commitments, and I do think, especially from my exercise experience, that any change involves plateaus. Your readers may want to sign up for my Choose Clarity and Confidence mini e-course to help keep them moving forward toward their goals into 2010. See ya’ soon!

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