The Power of A Mind Shift — I’m Bragging

Today I started the day with an unsolicited compliment from a coaching client. We’ll call her Shannon.

When I started working with Shannon, it wasn’t that she was afraid to speak in front of a large group, she was terrified of speaking up at her table of 8 people in the service organization to which she belonged. She carried old, out-dated memories of herself from high school. She had the habit of constantly replaying these memories as “the truth of who I am,” when in fact they were not. Because of her commitment to change and grow, in a very short time, she blossomed into the authentic leader that is truly her.

I am so proud of her: I’m speechless (very rare to those who know me!)

Here’s what she wrote yesterday in her words:

I like the blog.  You would have been proud of me.  I spoke in front of approximately 100 people at our annual Christmas Auction at __________ on Friday, the 13th.  My sister/best friend gave me her honest opinion.  She said that I seemed very poised & confident.  I was so glad that I was not extremely nervous like I have been in the past.  Your blogs are a huge help & I learned a lot during our summer coaching sessions.  Thank you so much Laura!


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