You Don’t Have to Gain Weight at Thanksgiving

Well, the truth is, you probably will eat more than you usually do on Thursdays, but it doesn’t have to be a gorge fest.

For a long time, my annual fall weight gain plan was to start on Halloween, gain a few pounds eating my kids’ candy. By Thanksgiving, I would “know for sure” that I couldn’t take off weight at this time of the year. Because of this fact, the only logical and obvious thing to do would be add a few more pounds, then stabilize until Christmas. Celebrating the birth of the Christ was surely meant to be time to add a few more pounds. Then January, start a strict diet. That diet would last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and then I’d back to normal, feeling defeated and frustrated.

Those are now only slightly painful memories.

I don’t think fall and winter is the best time to lose weight, but I know for sure you don’t have to gain weight. Or, in other words, the possible 2 pounds extra from Thanksgiving will be gone in one week. For sure. That’s the way I live.

The thing is, you can decide how you’re going to handle the feast.

Some people I know are bringing super-healthy vegetable dishes to Thanksgiving.

My sister and one of my daughters are running a 5 K that morning.

(This painting reflects my feelings about running a 5 K Thursday morning.)

At my house we’re eating lots of soup and salad this week. I’ll only swim once this week, but I’ll get back to twice a week after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a great time to share, and enjoy delicious food. Enjoy every bite with awareness of the gift that we have to be with family and friends on this occasion.

It’s a great opportunity to practice gaining clarity in your life.


2 responses to “You Don’t Have to Gain Weight at Thanksgiving

  1. If you have ever tried gaining weight without success, you may not be eating enough to put on extra muscle tissue. If this is the case, try to adding more calories to your diet. Having a diet rich in calories and nutrients can help you gain more muscle and even lose fat. A diet high in protein does just this and helps to repair the body, so it is pertinent to maintain a high protein level. Protein sources such as meat, fish and eggs are great sources of protein. When eating protein, it is better to choose meats that are low in fat.

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