Get More Sleep!

For those of you who don’t know, those pictures are of Prince, our nap coach. He is an amazing sleeper. These pictures were taken on his yacht. (Well, so it was my cousin’s boat, Prince thinks it’s his yacht.)

If I could, I would literally put all my clients, readers and students in their beds tonight by 9. They are all sleep deprived!

Reader Rita recently sent me an email about the health dangers of sleep deprivation and coach Christine included this topic in a recent seminar on health. I’ve even heard 3 student presentations about what insufficient sleep does to you (not pretty!)

The brain of a drunk person works better than the brain of a sleep-deprived person.

Sleep is when your body repairs itself. Not getting enough sleep means your body doesn’t have the resources to renew itself.

That’s a diplomatic way of saying that not getting enough rest makes you look older.

Your brain processes information in your dreams. If you could remember your dreams, you might gain incredible insight. Overtired people seldom remember dreaming anything.

The metabolism of overtired people doesn’t work properly. So, if you sleep more, you can eat more without gaining weight.


Sleep is fun, sleep is free. It’s makes you stronger, healthier, smarter and better looking. What else could you ask for? Go to bed early tonight!


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