10 Tactics for a Bodacious 2010

1. Write down 10 goals for the year (or more.) Put a star by one of these as your 1 most bodacious 2010 home run. Look at these goals everyday. When you plan your week, make sure you’re including steps to make that goal a reality.

2. Write down 2 ways to nurture yourself better. Eating better, less texting, going to bed early one night a week, writing in your journal, listening to your heart. You decide.

3. Write down 3 things to drop. Could be a committee meeting, 3 boxes of clothes, eating brownies for breakfast (except on special occasions) or checking email in the evenings. You decide.

4. Write down 4 super foods you’re going to eat more of in 2010. My latest fave is edamame falafel from Caviar & Bananas. YUM!

5. Write down the names of 5 people with whom you want to build your relationship.

6. Write down 6 new habits to adopt and start only one at a time, every other month. Suggestions: listening to audio books on the way to work, signing up for a workshop (like Real Life Clarity 101,) a Pilates class, 15 minutes of daily silence, drinking soy milk, writing notes of appreciation. You decide.

7. Make 7 appointments for next year. Get ahead of the game and make appointments for hair, nails, massage, dentist, eye doctor.

8. Write down 8 affirmations about your ideal self. Two of my personal favorites: People love to give me money (from Chellie Campbell) and I’m always in the right place at the right time with the right information (from Stuart Wilde). I have a wild story on that second affirmation from this past Sunday….will tell you about it later.

9. Get recommendations of 9 books to read next year. I’ll probably post some suggestions later this week but if you have some to recommend, please share with Mixonians! Listening to audio books counts.

10. What are your 10 achievements from 2009 that make you smile? Write them down.


2 responses to “10 Tactics for a Bodacious 2010

  1. Awesome list! Loads of great advice and good stuff.

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