Why the Lone Ranger Wears a Mask

There are two reasons why the Lone Ranger wears a mask. You’ve been wondering, right?

Reason #1

It makes for great visual imagery for television. Whenever you want to make a big visual impact, wear an eye mask. Black makes for a dramatic look, you could also use a flaming red, or a soft dove gray. You don’t have to worry about eye make-up as long as your mask stays on.

Reason #2

The ranger has something to hide.

You see, he’s addicted to all the praise he gets for rescuing people. The other part of the secret is that he’s burning himself out, feeling resentful and angry. He can explode or implode any minute…off camera of course. His addiction to being the hero keeps him from asking for help, or including other people in his preparations.

I know lot’s of lone rangers. They criticize their husbands when these hapless men try to help out in the house. Somehow most men aren’t very good at reading the minds of their wives, nor in grout cleaning. Still, they are willing and able to help you, if properly instructed.

Same goes for getting the children to help. When my kids were little, my mother warned me that their ability to help would improve with time, while their disposition to help would decrease.

That is so true. But even a surly teenager prefers to help out rather than face mom-as-ogress. A teenager also prefers to help rather than lose her cell phone or access to the computer.The thing is, all helpers need training.

The lone ranger is also a hero at work. He is the one EVERYONE can count on. He’s trained the whole office that he will stay late, come in early, pick up other people’s slack, whatever it takes to get the job done! And as a special bonus, the lone ranger is not too demanding about his compensation. He knows how lucky he is to have a job.

I see the bodies or any number of lone rangers around me. December is a tough month for everyone. Ask for help.

Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.


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