What Clarity and Confidence Have to Do with Wealth

You may have read my article that Christine Kane published last week. (If not, it’s here.) It seems to have resonated with many of you.

As you may have figured out by now, I love to write. And writing this article was unexpectedly challenging. I went over it word by word with Christine, because I felt so….well, insecure. Remember I TEACH writing, and yet I was nervous.  (Like “are these people gonna see me as greedy?”)

Wealth is a loaded term. That’s why it’s not considered a topic for polite conversation. Especially for women.

The thing is, it’s truly not about the Ben Franklins, baby.

Apparently a lot of you are, like me, creating a better relationship with money. Not that we’re dumpster diving to feed ourselves, but hey, why not create wealth?

Why not create abundance, health and be happy?

Here are five transformational lessons I learned this year about money.

1. It’s not how much money you have, or don’t have. It’s is all about your feelings to the money you do have.

Learning that some people (actually A LOT)  have large sums of money in their bank accounts and are actually as poverty-stricken as the hungry of Calcutta, was a HUGE breakthrough for me. That made me see how it’s not the quantity of dollar signs, it’s the relationship with the world.

2. Learning number one helped me appreciate the immense power of gratitude. That was the theme of last month’s newsletter so I won’t repeat it. But if you think about it, being grateful puts you in the present moment and more able to discern opportunities that are sitting under your nose at this very minute. Gratefulness also relaxes you.

3. Creating wealth is a process, not an event. Winning the lottery is an event. Most lottery winners end up broke within a few years after their wind fall. The same thing happens to many athletes after their stellar careers end. More evidence: it’s not the Ben Franklins, it’s the relationship.

The first step in this process is to set the intention to experience wealth. Let that sink in for a while.

4. The next step is to get behind why you desire wealth. What do you think wealth will bring you? Wealth is not happiness. So why do you want to create wealth?

Here are three of my reasons:

* I see it as a fun and creative project in which I can grow my talents and make a significant contribution.

* I want to be relaxed about money. Following my divorce, I experienced severe anxiety about how I was going to take care of myself. Today I am relaxed about money; I know I can take care of myself. I’m still in the process of discerning the difference between stinginess and prudence with money, but I’m so much better than before!

The KEY to this is investing in yourself. Until you are willing to put some skin in the game, there is no game. In other words, your intention remains mind chatter until you take action.

*I want to experience more nice clothes, trips, and goodies. But I’m already doing that.

You’ve probably come across a child who has so many toys she doesn’t even know what she has. Those kids are so hard to buy for, you feel like whatever you give them, it’s not enough. Usually, those children are not happy campers. The same thing applies to us. It’s not a good idea to get everything you want at once.

5. You gotta educate yourself about wealth. I have an MBA and most of what I learned way back about creating wealth is obsolete. The best starting place I can recommend is any book by Robert Kiyosaki.

Wealth has been defined as the ability to fully experience life. What do you want to experience?


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