21 Renewable Resources You Can Leverage

I love the concept of leverage and entrepreneurship. They both have to do with creating value, or transforming things of low value into things of higher value.

Consider each of these, and how you can use them better today.

1. Your words. You knew this had to be first on my list. The way you talk about things, describe things, transforms your experience of them. Be impeccable in your speech.

2. Your rhythm. Work when you work best and don’t expect to always work at your optimal level. Allow spaces in your life for creation and imagination and renewal.

3. Beauty. What’s one thing you can do to make your work space or living space more pleasing to you?

4. Your energy. Get more rest. Don’t play the martyr. Give from strength, not guilt.

5. Silence. It takes energy to process every sound, even if you’re not aware of this happening. Create space for silence and listen to yourself.

6. Books and blogs. We are so lucky to have SO MANY books in print and in audio and digital form. Keep reading.

7. Exercise. It keeps you in a better mood, more of the time.

8. Mentors. Find someone who’s done what you want to do.

9. Art. Visit a gallery or museum to feed your creativity.

10. Pray or meditate. Nourish your spirit.

11. Momentum. Slow and steady wins the race. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

12. Confidence. Be your own cheerleader. Avoid the fear-mongering news.

13. Savings. Sock away at least 10% of your income, or whatever you can.

14. Music. Support your local chamber music group. Go to a concert.

15. Daydreams. At the end of the day, ask yourself how it could have been EVEN better.

16. Body language. Remember to stand up straight. Enlist help in avoiding slouch.

17. Leadership. Decide where you want to go and start that journey.

18. Presentation. Get to the point about something you care about.

19. Authenticity. Make lists of your preferences. Remember what you really enjoy.

20. Imperfection. Don’t allow others to disappoint you and don’t disappoint yourself. Perfectionism harms your confidence and relationships.

21. Love. As St. Paul said, “And the greatest of these is love.”


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