Tis the Season of Massive Overwhelm

If you’re like me, you love this time of the year. Then again, there are these holiday moments when you’re desperate to make the world stop for a minute or a day or a few days.

Like when you think you’re mostly done with shopping and you remember that you need to get ONE more gift.

Here’s what I suggest:

Take one thing off your plate today. Or add something that pampers you.

You can take more tasks off your list, one is the minimum.

* Wait until after Christmas to send your cards.

* Wait until Valentine’s Day to send out cards.

* Take one item off your holiday menu or baking list.

* Turn down one party invitation.

* Lower your standards of gift-wrap excellence.

* Play hooky from work a day, or even a half day. A lot of you have accumulated sick days. What about your mental health?

* Hire a cleaning service for your home. Even if it’s for after Christmas, you’ll have something special to look forward to.

* Take a two-hour lunch.

* Schedule a massage. You can do this during your two-hour lunch.

* Get your nails done. Or maybe have your make-up done at Ulta.

* Take a deep breath and take a look around you. Give thanks for all your blessings.

* Take a nap!

 The holiday season is for us to enjoy each other. What would it take to bring your joy back up to the surface?


2 responses to “Tis the Season of Massive Overwhelm

  1. Ahhhh, a two hour massage or even getting my nails done!!! I would love to add a pamper to my list! Thanks Laura 😀

    • Hello Eden! It’s good to hear from you. I’m having so much fun with my kids these days that I’ve been offline a while….Hope you are taking extra special care of yourself these days, I know I am. I’m even training my kids to do more. My ll-year-old fixed us pancakes for dinner last night…..We have this saying here, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Not quite erudite but powerful. Hugs,

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