How Nice, Smart People Can Have More Money This Year

Do you remember certain people from high school, the ones you knew would make boat loads of money? And they did.

I remember in particular a couple of guys at my high school, one who was set on becoming a rich medical doctor since middle school, and he’s, well, loaded. Another guy, the wheeler-dealer type, took over his dad’s business and made it grow like crazy. Then there were the pretty cheerleaders who were destined to marry guys like these.

The thinking was, and still is for most people, that certain people are just made for creating wealth. Conversely there  are other people, the nice smart ones, who are made for just getting by. Our work is to shrink our desires to fit our incomes.

We get to be teachers.

That was my path, maybe you can relate.

What I’ve discovered is that the people who make money are the people who simply commit to doing so. That includes musicians without a label, therapists, nurses, employees of any type, writers, and yes, even teachers!

I wrote a little bit about wealth creation for nice people a few weeks ago. It was called “What Clarity and Confidence Have to Do with Wealth.” You can read that here.

If this interests you, I want you to know is that the new material that I’ve added to Real Life Clarity 101: the e-course is all about wealth creation for nice and smart people. It’s not about selling narcotics on the side; it’s about living in a different way that allows you to experience more abundance. It’s a process, not an event.

I’m also including a special report about delegating and outsourcing. One way to make more money quickly is to have someone else do your work. That’s what this report is about, “The Wealth Creator’s Guide to Getting Other People to Do Your Job.”

It’s kinda like what Tom Sawyer did when he got his buddies to paint the white fence for me. Remember?

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know. The report isn’t quite finished yet; it’s a lot longer than I thought it would be.

You get yours free when you sign up for Real Life Clarity 101: the e-course. (As soon as I finish it.)

Early-bird discount ends Thursday. You can read more about the e-course here. I’m excited about it!


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