How A Nice Southern Woman Does Yoga

“Alan” from this photo, was not in my yoga class, unfortunately. 😉

If you’re an experienced yoga practitioner, you probably don’t want to read this.

If you cannot imagine anyone having weird feelings about doing yoga, you certainly don’t want to read this.

When I was in college, nice girls didn’t do yoga. We did aerobics.

Yoga was for people from California and other atheists. 😉

Over the  past year of working with my coach, she would frequently tell me “you need to get more into your own body.”

This has been hard for me to understand. I mean, really, how can I possibly not be in my body? What she means is to stop over-thinking things as I tend to do. One of her practical ways to implement this advice is to try yoga.

So I went to yoga class a few days ago at Bikram Yoga Charleston.

If you don’t know, the word “Bikram” is Hindu for “hot as Hades.” You see, it’s part of this particular kind of yoga to have the temperature at 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

I love the heat. That’s one reason I love Charleston. Winter is cold enough that we get to wear sweaters, but not that cold that our cars freeze over. But this class was H-O-T caliente.

I have never sweat as much in my entire life as I did in that 1.5 hour class yesterday.

Those of you who know me know that I am no weakling. I swim regularly and have this nice strong farmer-like constitution. However, I lack coordination. So, I was sort of able to do the positions. No one laughed at me as far as I know.

The teacher used a lot of words I have no idea what they  mean. Sounded like “Var Rash Na” or “Kar Ras Tay.”

The nice lady next to me was experienced so I kept an eye on her to try to understand what kind of position I was supposed to be adopting.

But, the really bizarre thing is the breathing. This lovely young lady was breathing like the grandmother of Darth Vader. No joke.

That, naturally, sent me in paroxysms of laughter. How could someone so attractive breathe like that? If you’ve ever gotten the giggles in church, you know exactly what I mean.

So, am I going back?

These are the reasons I’m going back.

1. The teacher, Lia, was super nice. She corrected me many times but she was nice about it. Also Bikram Yoga Charleston is really luxe. I like that.

2. It felt good to stretch. I usually skip the stretching part when I swim, so I know that’s good for me.

3. Doing the yoga released tension I tend to accumulate in my neck and shoulders. That is a big benefit for me.

4. It’s fun to do something weird, and look as ugly as you possibly can, with other people who are doing the same thing. No one looks nice after this class.

5. This is really important: I’m really stretching out my comfort zone. That is something I expect all my coaching clients to do. I am following my own advice.

So, that’s one new bodacious habit for 2010.


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