So It’s 2010, Now What? 5 Tricks to Goal Achievement.

First of all I want to wish  you all a very Happy New Year. May 2010 be your best year yet. I am so excited about the things unfolding in my own life.

You’re probably familiar with the usual routine, you set goals, hopefully write some down, and then go about your business.

I was talking to the produce man at Harris Teeter a couple of days ago. He told me that one thing he knew FOR SURE, was that starting today, the grocery store would be selling bags of salad like never before. He told me I should stock up on salad…they would be selling out fast.

So, continuing with this example, let’s say that one of your big goals is to lose 15 pounds this year. You’ve set this same goal several times, only it used to be lose 5 pounds, and then it was 10 pounds, and now we’re up to 15.

For years and years I wrote down the same goals each December. Today, some of them I wrote down in December, 2009 (just a few weeks ago) to achieve in 2010, are already crossed off the list. Is that not awesome?

What can you do to make it different this year?

Here’s what works for me:

Trick #1. Make sure you’re goals/intentions/desires are written down.

As long as  the things you want to accomplish remain vague, fluffy ideas, they remain vague, fluffy ideas and not your reality.

Write down big goals and little goals. That way you’ll have more fun crossing stuff off your list.

Trick #2. Be clear about your why.

Why is it important for you to lose the weight? Well, you want to look thinner, probably, be healthier, maybe enjoy more energy.

So write down why you want to weigh a certain weight. (Always state your goals in a positive fashion.)

You want to work on the why independently of the goal itself. That means putting more effort into looking good now, being healthier now, and being more energetic now.

Trick #3. What’s in the way of attaining your goal? What’s blocking you?

Many times we achieve our goals more easily by removing energy drains and other blocks, so that the success flows to us more easily.

Why are you over eating? In my case, I used to be too busy running around to fulfill other people’s agenda for me, and that didn’t leave time for as much exercise as I needed. I also overate because I was constantly shrinking myself, or contorting myself, to fit other people’s expectations.

Here’s one example.

In college, which was when I most struggled with extra weight, I was trying desperately to please my parents. My understanding of their goals for me was that they wanted me to : 1) Find a rich guy from a nice, Southern family to marry. 2) Pay my own college expenses. 3) Get a great-paying job after graduating.

No, pressure, right?

I have never dieted successfully, but I have maintained my perfect weight for years. The more I am in tune with my authentic self, my true mission in life, the easier it is for me.

Trick #4. Take imperfect action. I usually get to the pool twice a week. But a lot of times it’s once a week. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen at all for a week or two.

I can usually fit in walking. That doesn’t burn as many calories as swimming, but it is do-able.

I keep eating more vegetables. Most of the time. Some weeks I go many days without many vegetables, and eat too much bread. I just get up the next morning and work on it again.

Trick #5. Reward effort and small gains.

One thing that has helped me SO MUCH with moving forward on my projects is this. Whenever it’s a stressful, yucky, nasty, people-are-being-mean-to-me day, I say, “Laura, you gotta be extra nice to yourself today.” I cut myself major slack on those days by getting take-out food, getting extra rest, finding a way to play hooky or calling my sister.

So here you have it. These 5 tricks will keep you on track to achieve your goals easier and more effectively than ever before. The next blog post will be about what to do when you don’t know what to do. (Like how to figure out what the next step is.)

Remember it’s up to you. The world treats you the way you treat yourself.


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