What to Do When You Don’t Know the Next Step Is

Like you, I’m known for being a go-getter, get-things-done kind of person.

I have my goals set and I can see with extreme clarity what steps 3, 4, and 5 are….as soon as steps 1 and 2 are completed.

You know that completions move you forward.

The thing is, I often think I don’t know what the very next step is. Or, I kinda know what I want to do next, but I don’t have enough time/money/energy to do it.

That’s usually what stops people from moving forward. Thinking that you can’t take the next step because you don’t have the resources you think you need in your pocket is merely an illusion.

For example,  a few months ago I decided I wanted to invest in real estate this year. The thing is, I’ve never bought any property by myself before, and I am not a handy woman.

I can change light bulbs and plunge a toilet. But that’s about it. Things not working properly in my house annoy me.

And  I was thinking to invest in an old home in downtown Charleston to rent out to students.

I wasn’t sure where to buy, how to research, how to find financing, how to find tenants, or much of anything related to the real estate business.

This is where being clear has helped me.

1. When you are clear and calm about your intentions, you learn to listen to yourself.

In listening to myself, I thought of random ideas that I wasn’t really comfortable with, but I did them anyway. Like I called a real estate agent. I looked for short sales on line. I talked to another real estate agent.

Then I got this amazing idea….I actually got in my car and looked at some properties over the week-end.

If you’re thinking, good job, Dr. Duh, then you can realize the power of paradigms. Someone who has never invested in real estate before does not know that the obvious thing to do is to get in your car and look at properties.

And now I know FOR SURE, I do not want to invest in an old house in downtown Charleston. It’s just too much for where I am at this point.

2. When you are clear and confident about your intentions, you try things. You look for people who can help you. You read books about your topic. You talk to people who may know more than you do. And you try things. And each time you try something, you have more experience, more feedback, and you take another step in the direction of your intention.

3. And each time something doesn’t work out like you thought it would, and this happens a lot, you are more the expert. So you get more clarity to listen to yourself and try something new. You repeat this cycle until successful.

I like what Robert Kiyosaki teaches about FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful.

You don’t have to really know what the first step is, just play with the idea for a while and try something. That first step becomes clear as glass, and then the second step, and so forth.


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