The Fastest Way to See New Possibilities for You

As many of you know, I’m a newbie investor in local real estate. In my previous life as a wife, I owned our homes together with my husband; I am about to become a solo home owner.

It’s a great time to buy and I’m excited. I have my budget and I’m raring to go.

The thing is, I have no idea what I’m doing; I only know what I want.

The fastest way to learn something valuable is to be willing to set aside your assumptions about how to achieve what you want, and see the real possibilities that are waiting for you.

Here are just a few assumptions I had that were quickly laid to rest in the last couple of days.

Assumption #1: Getting a mortgage loan is hard and takes lots of time.

Wow, it took me a 15-minute phone call. I was blown away. Since then, other banks have insisted that I check them out as well.

Assumption #2: Once you get into, say a neighborhood of “professionals,” tastes are pretty much the same.

Oh my goodness. I cannot express what I’ve seen in the way of home decor this week. I never knew so many different color schemes could be used in the same 3-bedroom home. And I still don’t get carpet in the bathroom.

Assumption #3: Since this is a buyer’s market, finding a bargain should be pretty easy.

Well, I’ll get back to you on that one. So far, the bargain I seek has not manifest itself. I know it’s out there.

The bottom line is there might be an easier way to do things that are really important to you than you think.

Maybe there is a fun, well-paying job waiting for you.

Maybe you can get along better with your boss.

Maybe you can lose 10 pounds without dieting.

Maybe you can feel more cheerful more of the time.

Maybe you can create wealth.

Maybe you can do so many of the things you never give yourself permission to think about.

Take up a new skill or hobby, and see how fast you can demolish your assumptions about it.

Or, ask a trusted friend, How do you see that I’m holding myself back?


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