7 Must-Ask Questions Before Your Next Presentation

You’ve probably got a presentation or two or ten scheduled for soon. Maybe the idea of your upcoming presentation makes you want to throw your papers up in the air like the guy in the picture.

Presentations are the currency of business today. Even if done through a webinar instead of live.

Before you’re tempted to roll your eyes, take a look at this list of questions to further ramp up your presentation skills (even though they’re already fantastic.) Your presentation reflects you. It’s a skill worthy of intense and consistent scrutiny!

A stronger presentation is a stronger you.

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Why I am doing this? (Or….why am I here?)

Think beyond the obvious “to close a sale” or “to get to the next step” answer. Why are you really making this presentation? What does it mean to you? What’s the real point?

2. Who is my audience?

How well do you know your audience? Is there any way you can get to know them better before the presentation? How can you connect more closely to these people?

3. What benefits do I really offer?

You know you’ve got to focus on benefits, not features. Take some time to revisit those benefits. How does your product or service really make life easier/better for your clients?

What does it cost them if they DON’T get on board? What are the risks for them?

4. What can you cut  out of the presentation?

Writing is really re-writing. Presenting is also editing. What information does your audience really need to make an informed decision? How much information can they really take in during your talk? How much do they already know?

Can you imagine their grateful faces when you finish early, instead of late?

5. Which slide(s) can you improve?

In the limited time that you have, which slide could most use a revamp? Where can you show photographs instead of charts and graphs? Which charts and graphs can you simplify?

Look for text on your slides that you can eliminate without losing your message. The fewer the words per slide, the better.

If your audience can get the message by reading your slides, why are you there?

How can you best transfer you own enthusiasm to your audience?

6. What is your personal relationship to your topic?

This is your greatest point of leverage!

If you don’t really care, why should your audience care?

7. What’s the next best step for you and your audience?

Where do you go from here? How can you best follow up? How can you get closer to your audience without getting transactional too early?

Polishing your presentation is a process, not an event. And the truth is, every single day of your life you’re presenting yourself to the world.


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