How to _______ When You Don’t Feel Like It

Now is about the time most folks are forgetting their new year’s resolutions. I gave up on making resolutions but I do set goals. But sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the steps involved in completing those goals.

You know how important it is to exercise for health and mood management. I usually swim 70, sometimes 80 laps twice a week. Last summer I was sometimes swimming 100 laps. Big  woo-hoo.

Today was my day to swim. Only I didn’t feel like it. At all. Doesn’t that happen to you?

It’s not that easy to program into my schedule because I have to get to the pool, when lap swim is available, get into my bathing suit, find my goggles and cap, then shower and get dressed afterward.

Did I mention I hate cold weather? Do you realize how aggravating it is to go out into the cold after swimming?

Although today is my day to swim, I honestly did not feel like it, at all. Fortunately, I have some things going for me to help to get myself into that dang pool!

Maybe you can leverage these habits like I did.

1. First of all, the more often you do ____________ (eat tofu, exercise, meditate, pray, read, call your mother-in-law, whatever it is that you want to do but you don’t feel like it)…the easier it gets.

I’ve been swimming for over 4 years now. It really does get easier. It’s that neural pathway you build in your brain every time you do something, whether that something is healthy for you or not. Each time you get really angry, you strengthen that neural pathway so it becomes easier to get angry.

2. Forget baby steps, go for microscopic crawling. I promised myself I would only make myself swim 20 laps. That takes me less than 10  minutes.

If you want to jog and you don’t feel like it, jog for 5 minutes. It’s like making your child eat 1 bite of spinach. (BTW, I never understand why children take 10 minutes to swallow one bite of something they don’t like.)

5 minutes. Just do five minutes. By spring, you can up it to 10.

If it’s saving money, start filling a jar with change. I was going to open a savings account for my new car, but I decided to think microscopically and I’m starting with spare change. Last summer I took several hundred dollars to the bank for my sister, who had been saving change for some time.

3.  Reward yourself. I, at this moment, am playing hooky from my office hours. Classes just began yesterday so I don’t think there will be any burning issues. I also called my mastermind buddy Martha. That’s a 2 big rewards for my getting to the pool this morning. (I’m worth it!!!!)

If you say you’re going to reward yourself and you don’t do it, you are deceiving yourself. You must follow through on your reward.

4. Put it in your schedule. It’s got to be a priority. It’s got to be in the top three things you do. Otherwise, forget about it.

5. Revisit your why. Do you really want to do this? Are you committed? What are the benefits to you? Remind yourself of the person you want to become.

I know that swimming makes me feel better any time. So I got myself to the pool and swam 60 laps. 😉


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