Is Having Extra Money Really Evil? Why Are Teachers Underpaid?

Is money the root of all evil? Is the love of money the root of all evil? Why do teachers earn less than welders?

It’s worthwhile to ponder these questions. If you’re like me, you may have some ideas about money that actually keep it away from you. Like being too intellectual to make extra money.

Notice how you feel as you read these statements.

1. At least I have a job.

Is that the best you can say? Do you not enjoy what you do? Are you contributing at the level you’d like to?

You hear this a lot these days. Gratitude is a great attitude to have. However, if you’re really grateful and happy with your job, you’re probably  more likely to think, What a great job I have!

2. Teachers are underpaid.

Really? Then why are we teachers? How many occupations allow as much free time as teachers enjoy? For a long time I was too afraid to try something else, maybe you are, too.

What really determines the value of any job? Education is a beautiful thing of wonder, but certainly today any committed person can experience a phenomenal education without ever entering an institutional school.

Teachers make a trade: job security in exchange for playing the educational institution game. There are other ways to teach, like corporate training and personal coaching, that pay far more; these kinds of teachers also know how to market themselves in a more profitable way.

If you honestly think you’re not being paid what you deserve, then why aren’t you doing something else?

3. I’m a mom, first.

This was so me for so long. I never imagined that I could both spend time with my kids and make serious income. That paradigm was outside of my imagination. Today “mom-preneuring” is all over the place so others are showing us that having time at home is not mutually exclusive to making good income.

The bottom line.

If you’re perfectly satisfied with your income and net worth, there is nothing to think about. Otherwise, take a moment and write out all the assumptions you can think about that are related to money and wealth creation.

If you’re not sure, write out some possible assumptions. Then go through and ask yourself, “Is it absolutely positively and always true?” You might surprise yourself.


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