The 3 Essential Ingredients to a Live Wow Breakthrough

In my experience and watching my clients blossom in different ways, I’ve identified the 3 things you need to experience that Live Wow breakthrough. Not necessarily finding the cure for AIDS, though that is possible, but what you need to move forward in your life.

Many of you ask how I went from “playing small” (aka living as a people pleaser) to living bigger and creating an authentic and fun lifestyle based on what’s important to me. I call this living wow.

If you’re interested in making some positive changes in the way you show up in your life, it all starts with your intention. The thing is, what I’ve realized is that so many times we think we don’t have choices. As I used to say to my English students in Caracas, that kind of thinking is wrongo-bongo.

I’ve come to see how a divorce doesn’t have to be devastating. That I don’t have to stay in an academic career just because I have a PhD. That I can buy my own home, even though for most of my adult life I haven’t worked full time. And I’m having more fun than ever!

My business is about helping other women do the same — discover and live their own definintions of wow living.

I’ve found that there are three key elements to moving forward in life – meaning better relationships, more beauty, more confidence and more prosperity (aka “Live Wow”). First you decide on what you want, and commit to it. Once you’ve clear on what you want, here’s what you need to make that your reality.

The 3 Essential Ingredients to Living Wow:

1. You develop the habit of writing down things. This clarifies your vision and thought patterns you have that are holding you back. A lot of times you experience a phenomenal breakthrough, not so much from pushing forward, but from removing obstacles.This way you allow good things to flow to you. That’s exactly what happened in my move to Charleston, SC. It was a lot of work, but everyone who witnessed the move was amazed how EVERYTHING flowed into place at the right moment.

Lots of you own journals, but don’t know what to write in them. That’s why I have a FREE writing workshop on Mixonian beginning Ground Hog Day. (Details coming very soon.)

2. You take incredibly good care of yourself. The bottom line with taking care of yourself is you must take extremely good care of yourself in order to be the person you were meant to be – an engaged and contributing member of your community. Tired, overworked, exhausted women can’t possibly experience a wow life – they’re just barely making it. I know, I used to be there.

This is huge for some of my clients. I worked with one, let’s call her Michelle, who really needed help in not working 60 hours a week. She had been so focused on “nose to the grindstone” living for so many years — getting numerous graduate degrees and even doing post-doctoral work, that it was a challenge for her to loosen up and enjoy life with her family.

I wrote more about this recently, you can read it here. (It’s called “How To Know When to Put Yourself First.”)  

3. You fully engage accountability partners. You want to have people to call you on your stuff, to show you where you’re holding yourself back and to encourage you when you’ve taken a hit. Some friends can play this role for you, but it has to be someone who’s strong and not so close to you that she doesn’t have the necessary distance and perspective. You can also get this kind of accountability from a mastermind group or a coach.

When you know you’ve got to tell someone whether you did what you said you would do, it gets done. Plus you get to brainstorm new and better ideas and options all the time. My coach helped me tremendously with deciding on a name for the upcoming writing workshop (Don’t you just love “Passion Fruit Writing”?) — I came to her with my list of titles after consulting with two close friends.

You can read a very short explanation of coaching here, and masterminds here.

That’s it: a journal, self-care, and an accountability buddy. Off you go!


4 responses to “The 3 Essential Ingredients to a Live Wow Breakthrough

  1. An accountability buddy – this is something I would have never thought of but it sure makes sense. Does this person know they’re your accountability buddy?

    • Hey, Sally! Good to hear from you. If you’re working with an accountability buddy, the person needs to know. You could do it in pairs, or in a mastermind group, or get a mentor or coach to help you. I’m so happy to have a real-estate mentor helping me get great investment value.

  2. Una de las cosas mas dificiles para mi es escribir en el diario pero me pregunto si es porque no tengo el habito o porque tengo algun tipo de bloqueo. Por supuesto estare participando en el passion fruit writing workshop.

    • Thanks, Martha! In case you don’t read Spanish, Martha is saying that it’s hard for her to write in her journal (and she wants to do so) and she doesn’t know if it’s because she doesn’t have the habit or if she has some kind of writer’s block. (She also says she’ll be participating in the Passion Fruit Writing experience.)

      Habit or Writer’s Block?

      The secret to writing is forming the habit, even when you have no idea what to put on that blank page in front of you. That’s why I’ve developed so many easy writing exercises. The first thing you need is the intention to leverage your journal, and commit to setting aside time every day. Start with 5 minutes! You can even start writing, “I have no idea what to write. This is nuts….” Eventually good stuff will come out. Take care.

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