Communication for People Who Are More Sensitive Than Average

You could be a highly-sensitive person and not even realize it.

You may think of highly-sensitive people as artists, musicians and yoga instructors, people who are, well, a bit out there.

I never thought of myself as a highly-sensitive person, and I’m more comfortable self-identifying as a “more sensitive than average” person.

I used to think of highly-sensitive people as those who got their feelings hurt easily. Now I have a bit broader understanding, especially with sensitivity and communication.

The thing is that the more sensitive you are, the more communication signals you pick up, without realizing it. You feel the energy of people before they open their mouths to say something. A more sensitive person often knows what the other person is going to say before she says it. Such a person has the capacity to communicate with incredible tact and effect.

It’s like having x-ray vision in color, you simply pick up on more things, faster. (Other people may appear to you to be clueless.)

Here are some signs that you may be a person who is more sensitive than average:

1. Being in a crowded shopping center is not a pleasant experience. You want out now.

2. People say you sometimes take things too much to heart.

3. You feel tired more than you think you should.

4. You immediately notice other people’s moods or attitudes.

This is not any sort of psychological test. However, some of you pick up more on the signals than do other people, that is what it means to be a more sensitive person.

It’s really a good thing because you are simply more intuitive. You have access to information that other people simply don’t perceive. You also may need to lighten up. I know I did and I’m still working on that. Fortunately my kids remind me, “Lighten up, Mom, okay?”

I know that’s my cue to start my hip hop dance routine. Only my kids don’t think it’s funny; they find it sad. 😉

The down side is that it’s tiring sometimes to be picking up communication signals (intended and otherwise) and constantly interpreting them.

You probably need more downtime than you think. It took me a long time to realize this was happening to me. I used to be soooo excited when my husband was about to go on a trip. Contrary to what he thought, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to be around him, I simply needed time alone and that was the only time I had any. I didn’t have the confidence and insight at the time to structure my life so that I would have time for quiet in my life. (This is not unusual for mothers.)

 If you suspect you may be a sensitive person, rejoice. It’s a good thing, you just need to take care of that ESP!


2 responses to “Communication for People Who Are More Sensitive Than Average

  1. Yes, I think I am more sensitive than some. CP says that I read people really well which I think sounds better than being “sooo sensitive!” I’m learning that I do need more alone time than I used to. It is amazing how much better I feel after 30 minutes tout seul.

  2. You’re so right. When I feel crankiness coming on (and I usually notice it before reaching the point of no return,) I know that having some time to myself will usually take care of the problem. Even if it means shutting the door to my office.

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