Passion Fruit Writing: Exercise 1, Day 3

  Week One: Discover and define your life themes.

Hello, Everyone!

Isn’t this fun? Before we move on, let’s review what we’ve done so far.

1. List of “Favorite Stories,” organized the way you want, including movies, books, television, other.

2. Your favorite stories and characters from childhood.

3. What themes stand out to  you from these stories?

Your themes could include things like: your family is always there for you, learn who you really are (as in the Ugly Duckling,) true love trumps adversity, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

3. Another list of “Things I Really Like about These Stories.”

If you like just writing stuff, you may have this material organized in paragraphs, or it may be written in such a way that only you understand it. That is fine. This is only for you, although it makes the project more interesting and valuable when you post a response. Thanks to all you brave souls who have already done so!

So, what’s next?

Look at what you’ve written so far, and answer these questions. You really want to listen to yourself, what bubbles up, rather than search for the “correct” answer. This exercise is all about you. 😉

1. Which characters do you really identify with? (Feel like you really “get” him or her)

2. What are the specific qualities that you find appealing in these characters?

That’s it for now. Easy to do. Later we’ll draw some specific direction from this writing to what’s going on in our lives right now. Enjoy!


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