Passion Fruit Writing: Exercise 1, Day 4

 Today is Mixonian’s 2nd birthday! Have a drink on us. 😉


All right. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

1. List of “Favorite Stories,” organized the way you want, including movies, books, television, other.

2. Your favorite stories and characters from childhood.

3. Another list of “Things I Really Like about These Stories.”

4. Which characters do you really identify with?

5. What are the specific qualities that you find appealing in these characters?

Now, let’s do something kinda crazy.

Imagine that a screenwriter calls you up and wants to make a movie based on your real life. Except that they really jazz it up to make it more exciting and visual.

How would you describe yourself so the part could be cast?

Which actress would you like to play you? (Me–Ideally a morph of Meg Ryan with Meryl Streep)

So, do any crazy ideas creep into your head?

As you work with this material, you’re reminding yourself of the things you really go for. The thing is, are you allowing space in your life for these things to flourish right now? Things like whimsy, romance, travel, chic-ness, gourmet food…

Are you remembering what you wanted when you were a kid? Do you remember what it was like to assume that anything was possible? There is wisdom for you in this reflection.


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