Passion Fruit Writing, Exercise 2, Day 1

Week Two: Tiny Changes Create a New Reality.

Writing about people helps us to understand them, and understanding them helps us to accept them as part of ourselves.

— Alice Walker

Writing is a voice that calls us from dreams, that peeks out of the corner of our eyes when we think no one is looking, the longing that breaks our hearts even when we think we should be happiest, and to which we cannot give a name.

–Judy Collins

When we think of transforming our lives for the better, we often go off thinking of the HUGE changes we’d like to experience, the losing 25 pounds, the mansion, the new luxury car. While writing out these big goals is fun and helps you get focused on a direction to take, sometimes you can feel stuck because achieving big projects like these usually takes a lot of time, usually years.

Why not think of some things you can do right now, this week? Write a heading like ” TINY CHANGES” and we’ll go step-by-step into several areas of your life where you can enjoy tweaking your reality to make it better, now.

Now, while I’m going to suggest different categories for your tiny changes, DON’T BE LIMITED by these. They’re suggestions based on my work with clients and in my own life.

Any time I feel stuck, I make a “ Tiny Changes” list. The last time I did it was early December, and I got 10 of these done within 10 days. That was fun!

The first time I made this list, I decided buying new sheets for my bed was important to me, even though my inner Miss Prudence reminded me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the sheets I owned. They had no holes or stains. But they were several years old, and were the sheets I had shared with my husband. While I harbor no ill feelings toward him (most of the time,) I feel that getting new, high-thread-count sheets, was an important turning point for me in establishing my  new life.

What I refer to as “Miss Prudence” is my inner critic and you probably have one as well. She’s an important part of you, but she should not be driving the bus of your life all the time. When working with a coach, Miss Prudence often questions whether the coach’s suggestion is prudent or practical.

The job of the coach is to help you stretch into being the person you are meant to be. This worries Miss Prudence so you usually need to reassure her. When coach Christine and I discussed my future move, before I had decided on a destination, Christine mentioned that I didn’t have to have a job before moving. Miss Prudence was outraged at this idea. How can someone move to a new location without a job? While I did actually get a job that facilitated the move, Christine helped me see that it was not a necessary requirement.

Assignment for today:

What are 2 Tiny Changes you can make to your bedroom to make it more of a soul-nourishing, restful haven?

I would bet that you can benefit from getting more shut-eye, making your bedroom more inviting is one lateral way to do that. If you know feng shui, that might be a place to start.

In a recent Clarity + Confidence e-seminar, one client, we’ll call her Monica, decided to buy nice bedside lamps for her bedroom. She had never before allowed herself this luxury, and she was delighted with the change in the way she felt in her bedroom.

What 2 Tiny Changes can you make to your bedroom this week?

Here’s a link to Feng Shui friend Kathleen’s blog on….feng shui. Click here.


6 responses to “Passion Fruit Writing, Exercise 2, Day 1

  1. Laura, I love this idea! My tiny changes are 1) put fresh flowers on the bed side table — I feel a sense of peaceful awe looking at and smelling flowers and 2) stop draping hanging clothes on the door-knob — they either go in a drawer, the closet or the hamper – no more hanging clutter!

    • Love it. I re-arranged and thoroughly dusted the bookcases I see from my bed. AND…I’m committed to get professional design help in making my new home beautiful. First, gotta buy the house.; 😉

  2. Laura, thank you so much for posting my link! I love it that Meg is adding fresh flowers on her bedside. Also thanks for the reminder and inspiration that tiny changes can be much more practical to begin with. Those ‘larger’ projects to complete can be overwhelming in your mind — not that they won’t be completed — everything in due course. I am going to complete today’s assignment by working on arranging my book corner in my bedroom — it needs tweeking. Thanks coach! And oh yes, I can really relate to ‘Miss Prudence’!

  3. I’ve removed all the books from my bedside table (except my journal of course!)

    I’ve stopped draping clothes over the bottom of the bed!

  4. Kathleen — it’s great to hear from a feng shui professional! And it turns out we’re both well acquainted with Miss Prudence! She’s helpful but can be a real drag at times.

    Elaine — clearing out clutter is always refreshing….and seems never ending! Great to hear from you.

  5. My first tiny change is to get rid of the junk mail every day. The 2nd. change is declutter the bathroom countertop.

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